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Investive Building Projects for energy efficient and cost effective buildings.

Investive Building Projects, formerly LONG Energy Solutions, is LONG’s energy services group that rebranded in 2012 to show customers that we see energy efficiency differently – as a way for clients to invest in their buildings and the future of their businesses. Investive’s three step process – Evaluate, Plan Implement – provides a thorough inspection of the building to discover potential areas of energy efficiency improvement followed by a customized plan and the option to execute the energy conservation measures for a better performing building with lower operating and maintenance costs. The money saved by eliminating inefficiencies can then be put back into the business creating a cycle of good investments.

Investive offers a complete line of services including, but not limited to project management, performance contracting, energy auditing and modeling, commissioning, design/build and innovative solutions.

For more information about Investive’s services, style and team, visit our website at www.InvestiveProjects.com.

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Our Clients Speak Out:

“I just wanted to drop you a line regarding the work and efforts of your control division regarding the Mitchell High School project this summer in Colorado Springs. As you may or may not know this was an extremely difficult project with an almost impossible schedule of 3 months. I would like to thank Bob Cleaver, Dave Gardiner, Mark Vils along with Greg Custer and your field technician Phil in addition to your field crew for a very fine job under extremely difficult conditions...

Gregory B. Even, Cobb Mechanical Contractors

In this day and age of our fast paced society it is hard allocating time for anything. Customer service is about as rare as polar bears in Florida. On that note I would like to make you aware that it has been a pleasure working with your staff on our continuing upgrade and maintenance of our DDC system here at the (Denver) Zoo. We have an extensive animal collection, whose health and well-being rely on certain climates special to their needs, so we have to be sure to take all necessary...

Gene Roybal, HVAC Master, Denver Zoo

“I call on LONG because of their responsiveness. I know that they will answer my phone call or email and get back to me with an equipment selection or product information quickly. When it comes to equipment selection they are the first call I make.”

Erik Johnson, PE, Engineering System Solutions, ES²

“Travis, I wanted to THANK YOU for saving me this morning. It was way above and beyond of you to come out early on a Sunday morning in the freezing cold and get the heat running. I know that was not technically part of your job description at all, but your willingness to help get our system running correctly through thick and thin speaks volumes to your character and work ethic. Everyone left the class happy, and the heat worked great for the 11 and 4:00pm. Thank you again.

Marcy Donovan, Tula Hot Yoga Denver